Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Deputation Schedule

 The following is our deputation schedule starting this sunday until the end of October. Note the 'Open' dates and give us a call if you would like us to speak at your church or you know a church close to where we will be. Please pray for us as we continue to share the calling and vision that God has given us for Grande Rivierre du Nord, Haiti. Thank-you! We VALUE your prayers!

 2-am-Dunkirk Friends church in Winchester, In
   pm-Fort Wayne Pilgrim Holiness in Fort Wayne,In

 9-am-Salem Community Church in Monroe, In
  -pm-Eighteenth Street Wesleyan in Muncie, In
11-Frankfort Bible Holiness in Frankfort, In


  -pm-Twin Oaks Holiness in Petersburg,In


23-am-Grace Fellowship Missions Conference in Decatur, In
  -pm-same place


  -pm-Ironwood Bible Methodist in Anderson, In


3-Union Tabernacle in Zanesville, Oh

7-am-Unionridge Pilgrim Holiness in Zaleski, OH
 -pm-Logan church in Logan, Oh

10-Community Holiness in New Covington,Oh

  -pm-Pilgrim Holiness in Kokomo,In




  -pm-New life Christian in Bluffton,In


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Great and Mighty things He hath done!

   This post is to update everyone on what God has been doing in our lives since our last post. And I am so excited to tell you all that He has been doing GREAT and MIGHTY things!  We were privileged to speak at one of our home churches, HSBC, on July 15th and they gave us a very generous offering! We needed around $2,500 to have enough to move and begin deputation. The total offering and gifts we recieved almost doubled that! God is so good!

   We left HS on July 21st, 2012, this date is significant to us because it was exactly two years ago on July 21st, 2010 that we moved there! God helped Danny to finish his degree and helped us to become DEBT-FREE in just two years! We give Him ALL the GLORY and PRAISE!  We arrived back home in IN the 23rd and headed out for MI just a few days later.
   We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the beautiful state of MI!  We met some wonderful people and made some lasting friendships. Our family fell in love with Athens Camp and plan to attend it every year that we are in the States. We spoke at the camp and recieved an offering from them. Danny and I enjoyed helping in the kitchen and just being a part of the camp experience. We traveled to Petersburg the first weekend and enjoyed staying at the Lower Light Mission's campground. We also enjoyed meeting Rev. David and Sally Voss. They have 4  grown children and are in the process of adopting 4 more little ones that they foster. Bro. Voss is deeply involved in prison ministry. God has blessed his efforts as a large part of their congregation are new converts! It was very refreshing to see this missions minded church and to witness them reaching out in their community. We were blessed to see it in action!  Bro. Voss usually preaches in the am on Sun. and them goes to the prison for the afternoon to minister. He gives up a hot sit down sunday afternoon meal for a sandwich. That is dedication and servanthood and God has blessed it! Please pray for the Voss's as they minister in their community. Satan fights them hard and just before we came they had their van stolen by one of the men they had been working with. Sis. Voss also gives tirelessly to their people and they are both loved and respected. Remember these precious people and their church in your prayers.
  Sunday evening we drove over to Melvindale, which is right outside Detriot, and spoke at another Lower Light church.  We enjoyed meeting Pastor and Sis. Kennedy. They have pstored there for many years and are well-loved by their congregation. Very nice people there and Danny and I even met our twins! Their is a couple there who are named Danny and Elizabeth and they have a son named Caleb!  We had to take a picture of course and had fun chatting with them.  Their church gave us another generous offering and we enjoyed worshipping with them in their beautiful church that has an interesting history. Henry Ford actually helped build and fund it!

Back to Athens camp for the next week. The youth workers were the Shermans from SD. They have an amazing ministry teaching youth archery along with good Biblical character skills. Becca and Ben enjoyed the archery program! They each got to learn how to shoot a bow and got to make and keep their own bow and arrow. They even got a certificate for finishing the course!  Very cool! And they are both quite accomplished archers now :o)

  The following Sunday evening we spoke at the Evart Bible Methodist church in Evart. The people were very warm and friendly there too and treated us very well. We appreciated all the school supplies they gave us to take to Haiti as well as a very nice offering.  We are enjoying meeting more of our brothers and sisters in Christ and our Facebook friends list is growing!
  We have been back in In since the 6th. We are blessed to be staying in my parents rental apt. and are working on getting more settled in.

 I have saved the Best news until last....we have 3 things we are raising money for: 1. $30,000 for our house in Haiti.  2. $27,000 for our vehicle. 3. $72,000 for 2 yrs of support. We have broken this down into shares of $20 a month for a year. God is helping us as we have about 10 shares now.
 All of this is a LOT of money when you really look at it and in our humanness we think 'how in the world are we ever going to raise ALL that money?!' And then God steps in and reminds us that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and His bank account is not empty! We just found out that most of the $30,000 has been pledged to cover the building and furnishing of our house! WOW!  Is God awesome or what!?!  He never fails to amaze us with the way He provides for us whether it be $30,000 for our house or a dear brother and/or sister in Christ giving us some money that we needed that week to help with living expenses. He always knows WHAT and WHEN we need and He provides! We are so satisfied serving Him and would not want to live our life any other way!  And to add the icing on the cake as the yummy saying goes, God just answered another one of our prayers on our 'wish list' for Haiti! We love to read and were trying to figure out how much books to take with us to Haiti as we have to pay $1.50 per pound. That does not leave much room for books when you figure ALL the neccessities we need to take! So, we have been looking at Kindles, Tablets and such. Well, yesterday, we were handed an Acer Ionica Tab A500 as a GIFT! :o) :o) :o)  The three smiles tell you how HAPPY we were to recieve such a useful, needed gift! God has given us a camera and now a Tablet in just the past few months! He gives such good gifts to His children!