Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back at Grande Riviere

 Our family has been here at GR for a little over a week now. We have been getting work done on our house..yay!  The men are putting up the ceiling today and the cement block wall has been built around the spiral stairs and the front windows have been enlarged as well as our security bars have been installed. Slowly, but surely, the house is coming along. Don brought us here along with his boys and they all have been busy working on it ever since. I have posted several pics on our Fb page. Feel free to check them out.

  This past Monday we started our kids school for the year. We are using Bob Jones University curriculum Distance Learning on dvd this year and so far we are very impressed. It is a curriculum that really makes learning fun! They use puppets, bright, colorful props and fun themes for each grade. Our kids are really enjoying it despite the challenges we have of limited power and some technical issues with our dvd players. Pray for us as we work to find some kind of routine amidst the challenges here in Haiti. Thanks-you!
  We are also enjoying having our Regional Caribbean Director, Frank Vaughn, here with us. We went to Cape Haitian (O Kap) and picked him up at the airport yesterday. He treated us out to our favorite restaurant, La Kay, and he also brought a couple suitcases with snack foods, toiletries that are expensive here, garbage bags, plastic re-sealable baggies ( Very expensive here and we always need them!), batteries and other stuff that our wonderful family sent us :o) It was very nice to get everything! We hope to get a lot more done on the house the rest of the week. In the meantime, we are enjoying getting to know our Haitian family better and are enjoying Madame Dominique's cooking very much!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Celebrating Fifteen years!

 Today is our fifteenth wedding anniversary :o) ( Kenz Ane in creole.) We are thankful for the way God put us together and has given us fifteen amazing years! We love each other more than ever and feel blessed with the good life He has given us. We celebrated by making cupcakes and decorating them with little hearts and we baked a yummy lasagna and Apple cobbler for our meal today. All of these foods are rare treats for us and we fully enjoyed them! Danny and I went to the open market today and when we came back the kids had put up a few decorations and made us a paper flower sweet! Caleb was trying to figure out what the name of the special day was and he told Becca that they needed to get some flowers for Daddy and Mommies Valentines Day! They looked for flowers in the yard but could only find weeds so Abby ended up making us a flower bouquet. Danny told Caleb that our anniversary and Valentines Day were the same thing! ;o)

  On another happy note, we have been pricing a stove and refrigerator for our house in GR. We decided to go ahead and buy them here in Port and use them here at the mission house while we are staying here since the ones we are currently using do not work very well. We prayed during family devotions for God to help us to find a good cost-efficient deal. God certainly answered our prayers as Danny and Don went to buy them. When they walked into the store and started looking at the appliances, a sales lady came up and immediately dropped the prices! By the time it was all said and done, she had given us such a good deal that we would have been foolish to pass it up! So, we now have a brand new Whirlpool fridge and stove that God helped us get :o)  The oven was not working in the other stove so I have enjoyed using this new one very much! And since the refrigerator is new, it holds the cold air very well and our food does not spoil when the power is off. Yay! This is a huge stress reliever for me! So thankful that God gives good things to His children!

Thank-you for your prayers! God is really helping us and we praise and thank Him for the grace and strength He gives us each day!

 I tried to post some pictures but blogger is not allowing it. Go to our FB page to see our pictures.  Dannynliz Hirschy Flowers is our FB name.