Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Caleb turns six and we have a place to live

Thanking God today for the 4th little blessing He has given us! Our little Mr. is six today! He has been asking for days now.."How long till my birthday?" ;o)
  When we look back on this past year and how far we have come from his fall and concussion on the 12 of July last year, we stand amazed at how God has helped, healed and touched him thru all the scary tests, waiting and his diagnosis of NF1. Today, Caleb is a lively bundle of energy who loves to ask lots of questions (hard ones at times), play games, do whatever big brother is doing, and snuggle with his raggedy, torn, but-much-loved 'B'. He keeps us on our toes and I know God was not making a mistake when He made Caleb our last child..whew! He plain wears me out at times! We love him so much and do not know what we would do without him! He completes our family and we are celebrating him today :o) We are in the middle of VBS at our church and so we made lots of fun cupcakes with gummy bears and sour patch kids on top to share. We have a lot going on right now so we will have a party for him later.
  Last blog post I shared that we were packing to move but did not know where. Well, God did! He worked it out that we have been offered more time in the house we are staying in. Victory Acres has another house that they feel will be better suited for the Nehemiah Project and have graciously offered to continue renting to us. We are still concerned about schooling and are continuing to pray for God's direction. Danny has applied for a good position at a local college and we are praying for God's will to be done. We are happy to be able to stay at 'our' church and looking forward to what God has in store for our family. Next week we will be going to Danville Bible Methodist church and teaching a VBS for them. Appreciate your prayers as we attempt to teach the boys and girls about how to be good Soldiers of the Cross and we are praying that some of them will want to 'enlist' in His army and give their hearts and lives to Jesus!
 The next week we will be going to Heartland Bible Methodist Youth Camp. Becca and Ben will be campers and we will be helping out wherever needed. Looking forward to a fun week!

Visit our Facebook page to see pics of his birthday photo shoot.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Learning to wait and leaning on Him

I realize that it has been two months since I last up-dated this. We have came to the end of the time to live in the Nehemiah House here in Gas City, IN. We are very thankful for the huge blessing it has been and really appreciate Victory Acres for renting it to us. We have enjoyed attending Community Bible Methodist and making and strengthening wonderful friendships here. Living here has truly been a positive experience for our family and we have made lasting memories!
  We really need your prayers as we are praying and trying to figure out what and where God wants us. After much discussion and prayer, we have came to the conclusion that we really need to put our children in a good, Christian school. We have had 2 very unstable years of homeschooling with all the travel, sickness and moving around that we feel they need a stable school environment. Unfortunately, there is no school here that we are interested in sending our kids. We have also decided that after being blessed to spend a wonderful week at Heartland Bible Methodist camp, where I grew up, that we want to keep our family in the Bible Methodist connection. We love the Bible Methodist and feel at home with the people and churches and we want our children to stay in this wonderful circle of influence. We also would really like to stay in ministry. To know that we are helping in some way to teach, love and mentor people for God's Kingdom is our goal.
  We have looked for housing around here and have ran into a few problems. First of all, even though we are virtually debt free, because we have been out of the country and have only had a steady job for 6 months, our credit is too low to get financing on anything. We were blessed to go to Florida and pick up the rest of our household things that have been in storage for over a yr., but the trip took everything we had financially and we do not have a nest egg to use for renting a house as most people require a deposit. We have come to the conclusion that we need a job that furnishes a house and schooling for our kids, so we have looked for and applied for jobs as maintenance/groundskeeper and are waiting to hear back from a few of them.
  At this point, we are planning on moving out this weekend, renting a storage unit and living in our camper. We truly feel God has a plan and ultimately we want it to be HIS plan and not ours. So we will continue to wait and trust in Him and His timing. When we were in Haiti, we were so happy and at peace because we KNEW it was where He wanted us, even though the living conditions were less than ideal and everything was different and new to us. We desire to have and feel that same peace again as we pray for His direction. A dear pastor of ours once told us that when you are waiting on God, that you are in the center of His will at that time for your life. This thought and God's amazing strength and grace keeps us sane! So that is what is going on with us. Thank-you for your prayers!

Our camper that we are thankful we have!

Abigail turned 10 on May 24th so we now have 3 kiddos in the double digits! We had a fun, little party for her with a Tangled party theme. I made her a cake with a tower on it with Rapunzel's hair hanging out of it. She loved it!