Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rebecca Turns Fourteen and Our Fun Outing

Seems like only yesterday that we held our firstborn in our arms and now she is growing up into a lovely young lady! We made her birthday here in Haiti as fun and special as we could and she had a great day. We threw a party for her with all our new Haitian friends and enjoyed Homemade tacos (Haitian style..Mmmm!) and cake with ice cream soup! Yes, we occasionally enjoy ice cream soup here due to it being so hot that we can not keep the ice from melting and the ice cream will not set up in the ice cream maker. So we POUR it in our bowls and SLURP down our ice cream soup! It really is quite all should try it someday!
  Becca and I had fun doing her birthday photo shoot and I am going to try to upload some of the pictures on here. If it does not work you can see them on our Facebook page.

  We were so happy to be able to drive up the mountains into Fermathe, Haiti yesterday. It is BEAUTIFUL up there and a LOT cooler than the miserable heat we have been experiencing here in Carrefoure. Some of the kids even remarked that they could use a jacket but us adults loved it! We went up there to visit the Haiti Baptist Mission Compound.
  This is the same place Danny and I went to in 2011 with Mrs. B.'s Intercultural Missions Class. On that trip we had the privilege of helping build a couple houses for earthquake victims. Also on this trip, I had the honor of reading Mrs. B.'s book, 'Jesus My Very Best Friend' to the children who were watching us work. I had a translator who helped me read it to them in creole and it was an amazing experience as I read the invitation to accept Jesus as their Savior and 11 children responded! I took pictures of each one and wrote down their names in my Bible and told them I would pray for them. We had a LOT of amazing experiences on that missions trip and will never forget it and as a result HBM is a special place for us. We visit as often as we are able when we are in Haiti. This was our 3rd trip there.
 HBM recently had a church in the States come down and build an awesome Noah's Ark playground for them. We saw pictures of it on-line and he has asked to go see the Ark ever since. We were glad it worked out to go visit and the kids had a lot of fun checking out the Noah's Ark playground. I got to meet another missionary sister, Monica Bidwell, who's blog I read frequently. It was so nice to meet her and share with her how I have appreciated reading her encouraging, honest posts about missionary life! We also got to say 'Hello' to another missionary couple that we met when we went there 3 yrs ago. Trey & Chelsea Salter have been missionaries there for around 3 yrs now and we enjoy reading their blog too. It was nice to connect with some other missionaries :o)
 We had a wonderful day just getting away for awhile and we went by the Dominoes Pizza place in PAP to see if they were still around. They were and their pizza tasted sooo good! We enjoyed watching the boys eat Dominoes pizza for what was most likely the first time some of them had ever been in a restaurant.
  It is now the 18th and tomorrow Danny and Don will be going back up to GR with our new windows. They will be staying a few days to get them installed. Please pray for safety for them and for the kids and I as we stay behind to keep a 'normal' school schedule here in Carrefoure. Thank-you for your prayers and continued monthly support! We count on BOTH very much! Bless you!

Enjoy the pics below:

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Working thru the challenges with God's Help!

 We had a wonderful time at Grande Riviere the last two weeks! It is always sad when our time there is done and we have to say goodbye again. I told Madame that I was sad that we were leaving and she replied, "Me too." We thank God for the friendships that He has given us with our dear Haitian people and look forward to deepening them when we move there. I have especially enjoyed getting to know Madame and God is helping us to communicate quite well with each other. She is such a sweet, Christian lady and Pastor's wife!
 God helped the men to get a lot done on our house and we are getting so excited to see it coming along! The ceiling and walls are all up, lighting fixtures in place, block wall is built around spiral staircase and almost all the window security bars are in. We are ordering the windows from a place here and as soon as they come in another trip is being planned to get them installed.
 In the meantime, we are attempting to get a routine going with homeschooling. Those of you who have been on the mission field are familiar with the challenges we face: limited electricity, washing our laundry in a wringer washer and hanging them up to dry which takes 2-3 hours about 3 times a week, going to the open market 2 times a week to buy our groceries, preparing and cooking our meals, trying to keep the house in a presentable state and language classes everyday. We try to get everything plugged in when we have power but the batteries on the dvd players and laptops only last about 2 hours. Watching their school dvd's takes about 3-4 hours. So, we often run out of battery life and have to wait until the city power comes on or pay to have the generator run so they can finish their schoolwork. We were short a player so we had to switch on and off between students but we were able to find and purchase one on the street so now we have enough :o) As you can see, we do not have regular school hours since we have to work when we have the power and battery life. Considering all these issues, God is helping us and they like their teachers for the most part. Thank-you for praying for us as we navigate thru this school year!
 Unfortunately, I am still having technical issues downloading pictures on here :o(  Go to our Fb page to see lots of pics of our time at GR and our house. Our FB name is:  DannynLiz Hirschy Flowers
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