Monday, March 18, 2013

God is meeting the need for His work in Haiti!

 We have been in Warren, Oh this past week. The Warren Bible Methodist church opened up their furnished fellowship hall to us and stocked it with food as well. I really enjoyed being able to cook for our family again as that is not something I get to do very much since we are often hosted by others for our meals. We love being invited over to someones home and sharing a home cooked meal with them and it is nice to have a break from doing all the cooking like I do when we are home. But, deep inside of me is a cook/baker and if I do not scratch that itch often than I get antsy to get my hands on some baking ingredients and turn it into something yummy like a pasta salad, cream puffs or a tasty meatloaf! So, I was able to happily scratch my cooking/baking itch and it felt good to be in the kitchen again!
 We enjoyed spending time with the Paul Young family who pastor there and had a very nice week. They had us over for a delicious lasagna dinner one night :o) Another day we went with the Youngs and the Pinkerton family to a really cool toy store called Kraynacks. The Pinkertons have 7 children, we have 4 and the Youngs have 2 so we made quite the childrens parade going into the toy store! All the children behaved well and we had a wonderful time checking out the cool toys and looking at their beautiful Easter display. Check FB for pics. Thank-you Warren Bible Methodist for allowing us to stay in your fellowship hall and giving us a fun week!

  Saturday afternoon found us driving 3-4 hrs to the snow covered mountains of Pennsylvania. We arrived in Osterburg around 7 pm and a very nice man named Charlie who attends the church helped us unload our things into a nice camper that we are now staying in. It is the pastor and his families. Charlie then had us follow him to his house where we met his sweet wife, Judy. They had cooked us a delicious spaghetti dinner with a homemade meat sauce, garlic bread and a fresh garden salad. It was all so good! Then they brought out an amazing Coconut Cream Pie piled high with meringue and of course it was homemade from scratch as well as a creamy Egg Custard pie and some very soft, tasty Sour Cream cookies for our dessert. Mmmm! We had a wonderful visit getting to know them. They shared that they had recently gotten saved and it was great to hear about how God showed them their need of Him and how He changed their lives :o) Thank-you Charlie and Judy! We appreciate you and your hospitality!

 This past Sunday morning we spoke at Community Bible in Osterburg, PA and had a wonderful service and enjoyed meeting the friendly people. Pastor Weaver and his wife, Bev, had us over for a delicous roast beef dinner. Then we drove up to Mahaffey for our evening service at Osterburg God's Missionary Church where Steve West pastors. God gave us another good service and we met more wonderful people :o) God moved on people's hearts and the generous offerings overwhelmed us! At this point, God has provided the rest of the money needed to get our house built and furnished in Haiti! We just lack 70 share supporters and $5,000 to get our belongings to Haiti, This includes  our airfare as well. If you feel God asking you to join in with His work in Grande Rivierre just click on the donate now button through paypal. Thank-you! We know God is going to supply this need and are excited to watch how He works!

  We are presently staying with the Neil Weaver family in PA and we are really enjoying visiting with them! We had a winter weather snow storm today and our kids enjoyed going sledding with their kids. They have 7 children, ages 17 down to 5 yrs. old and there has been a playmate or two for each of our kids and they are having a great time! It has been a restful day and we have enjoyed just hanging out with their family and watching the snow fall down :o) They have been feeding us yummy meals and making us feel at home here. We are so very thankful for ALL the wonderful hosts we have had since we began this deputation journey!
  As long as the roads clear up, we are planning on speaking at Mt. Siniai in Blue Knob with Pastor Van Dorman this coming Wed. evening. Please pray for God's help and annointing as we finish up our deputation time. Here is the rest of our schedule:

 March 20  Mt. Siniai God's Missionary in Blue Knob, PA
            24  Holiness Missionary in Vassar, MI-am
                  Greenville Bible Methodist in Greenville, MI-pm
April   7     Grace Fellowship in Decatur, In

          14    Bible Methodist in Gas City, In -pm

          16-18  IHC  (Look for our booth!)


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