Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Testimony of His Care and Provision!

 In my last few posts I shared with you all that we were praying for a house, job, school, and church for our family to settle down. We have been praying and knocking on many doors, trying to find God's will for our family. Last I blogged on here, we had been told that we could stay in the house that has been such a blessing to us in Gas City, IN. We were thankful and began to unpack, yet we were concerned about a job and school. After putting in several apps and receiving no calls, last Friday we received a FB message from some acquaintances in Salsibury, NC. They told us about a house they had for rent and a possible job, school, and church. After praying, we felt that God had opened this door and when the money was provided for the gas expense it was confirmation and we made the trip to NC. Within 2 days of arriving here, Danny has been hired for a full time job working for a Christian man who own a property management company. Danny will be his maintenance guy. We have a good sized house to rent with a front and back porch. There is a wonderful school just down the road, with a church around the corner. It is a beautiful neighborhood with several christian families with children. God has been faithful to answer every request!
   As you can imagine, we have mixed emotions, we will be very sad to leave our church, family and friends in Gas City. We are so thankful for the time God gave us there! He has truly used each one of them to be a blessing in our lives as we have gone thru this hard transition time! We will be saying some very hard goodbyes next weekend as we move. Yet, we want to focus on the good times ahead and how God has seen fit to bless us once again! We know that several of you have been praying for us that we would find what God wants for us and we have felt His seal of approval and leadership as He has guided us to North Carolina. We love being His children and have experienced once again that He will never forsake us!
                                                     Our new home!



  1. Sorry we missed talking to you guys on Sunday. So glad to see God has again met your every need! God is Good and He is good all the time!

  2. the Greens , Robert & WilmaAugust 8, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    So happy for you , God
    is good , He always comes through when we ask & let Him work in His time.