Saturday, May 11, 2013

God is Faithful! All our shares have been pledged!

 Praise the Lord from whom ALL blessings flow! Shortly after we arrived here in Hobe Sound, we found out that All of our shares have been pledged! We are so thankful for God's provision! Danny and a wonderful work team from Warren Bible Methodist Church in Warren, OH flew to Grande Riviere this past Thursday morning. Their goal is to get the tiling down for our floor and the walls up for our house. We are thankful for the team that God has once again put together as they have the expertise and knowledge needed for this part of building our house. God always knows what He is doing! :o)
   The kids and I are enjoying our stay back in HS again. They have put us in the missions house and it has been such a blessing to have an area where we can just hang out, relax, cook in the kitchen and wash laundry in the washing machine and dryer provided! This may sound silly to some of you but when you are on the road as much as we have been, cooking your own meals and having a place to do laundry that does not require change is huge! We are also very diligently trying to get school work done! The team will return on the 21st and we are already counting the days :o)
   The plan is for our family to move to Haiti the first part of June. We will be staying in Carrefoure for 3-6 months for language study. Then we will move into our house and began ministry at Grande Riviere.  We have a few needs that you can help us pray about and give toward them if God directs. We have been given the opportunity to purchase an inverter, that normally retails for $2,700, for around $1,600. This inverter would give us more hours with power at GR and we would not have to run the generator as much which would result in a cheaper gas bill. This would also ensure that we could run our few appliances and have electricity and internet more consistently. We also are needing some more funds to purchase a vehicle. If we have our own transportation then we will not have to wait on and hire tap-taps to get us to town. A vehicle will also be very helpful when teams come to work, minister and visit. God knows that we need these things and we have no doubt that He will supply! Thank-you for helping us pray about these!
  We VALUE you prayers and support! God bless you!

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