Monday, May 27, 2013

Pics from the work team and...We have a departure date and the countdown is on!

 The work team made it back safely and they were able to get all the tile floor laid, a spiral staircase and a heavy metal door installed. God gave them all a good trip and many opportunities to minister. When Danny left, he let Pastor and Madame Dominique know that we are coming back in just a few weeks and they said "oui!" ;o)  We are thankful for God's help and protection and for the wonderful group that came from Warren Bible Methodist Church! Thank-you! We also want to say a special Thank-you to Bro. Don Mobley and Menal. They have been with us from the designing of the house to building every part of it, lending their knowledge and expertise! We appreciate everything you have done, Bro. Mobley, and really appreciate ALL your help!
   Yes, you read the title correctly, we finally know when we are moving to Haiti! June 4th is the scheduled moving day. Just 9 short days away! The list of stuff we need to have done before leaving the country is overwhelmingly long but with God's grace, strength and YOUR prayers we will get everything done! We will be flying into Cap-Haitian and staying at our compound in Grande Riviere for 1 week and then the 2nd week we are excited to be hosting a TLC (Touching Lives for Christ) ministry work team! We will be involving them in various work projects and working a VBS for the village children in the evenings. Satan has fought this team hard from scheduling obstacles to personal issues that some of them are dealing with individually. We all agree that God must have some wonderful things in store for us all as we minister at Grande Riviere! The dates are the 10th through the 18th that the team will be in Haiti. We plan to ride down to Carrefoure with them and send them  back to the States on the 18th. Then our family will live in Carrefoure staying at the same compound that we stayed in last June. We will be working HARD to learn creole for about 3-6 months. Thank-you for keeping us in your prayers!  
   Abigail turned 9 this past Thursday on May 24th and we were able to have a sweet Birthday Tea Party for her with 5 of her friends. She was so happy that it worked out to have her party before we leave for Haiti. Abby and her friends had a lot of fun playing a water game, making a cute purse for their dolls and enjoying cute mini cupcakes, chocolate drizzled strawberries and mini strawberry pies topped off with snow cones! It was a cute party that she will always remember :o)
  Happy Memorial Day! Remember those who gave their lives so we can be free here in America!

The men working on the tile floor in our house.

The team enjoying fresh fruit!

Danny and Mr. Rice showing some of the children how to work on the flooring.

Danny behind our new door...Thanks, Menal!  Bon Travay!

Miss Abby with her doll waiting on her guests.

The sweet Tea Party guests enjoying themselves!

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