Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello from Grande Riviere!

 We have arrived safely and are doing well. The culture shock has been minimal so far. The city power has actually ran pretty steadily here in GR and we have been able to have our fans going and keep our water (dlo) cool in the freezer ;o)  We brought Terro and other bug sprays/killers with us and it has helped a lot with keeping the creepy crawlies away! We were received with shouts of joy, open arms, hugs and kisses from our Haitian family when we finally got here Tuesday afternoon. We had a long day of travel with minimal problems. Praise the Lord! God helped us thru customs, even though we had a few hairy moments. We have NO DOUBT that your prayers went before us and God intervened during the long, frustrating process.
  Our kids have had a wonderful time playing from dawn to way after dusk. They play futbol (soccer), wheel chair races, duck-duck-goose and anything else their imaginations can come up with. Danny has gone to Cap-Haitian with Pastor Dominique and is beginning to learn the ropes of shopping. I have went to the open market twice now with Madame Dominique. What an experience! I am thankful that she has been helping me as it is a LOT to learn! With God's help and your continued prayers, I will get it :o)
  Madame Dominique is a very good cook and she has been teaching me how to cook like a Haitian! I am enjoying it and learning a lot of creole words in the process. We made Diri and pwa with pul today and colsla ju to drink :o) (Rice & beans with fried chicken smothered in cashews. The juice is made with a fruit that grows here in Haiti...Mmmm!)

   We are all getting things ready for the Touching Lives for Christ ministry work team that will be here next Monday evening :o) Keep them in your prayers as they help with some building projects for our house and teach a 3 day vbs. We are looking forward to them coming. Will post up-dates as often as possible!  Bonswa! ( Good evening!)

Our family at the airport ready for the adventure!

Timoun jwe (children playing!)


  1. Thanks for the update! Praying for all of you
    love Rachel M

  2. Thanks Liz for the comment. So glad you have arrive safely and God is helping you all. I heard good reports of your services when you were on dedication here. Love you, Heather

  3. Hey Liz, SO glad to have found your blog!!! I look forward to staying up to date with the ministry your family is in!! :-)
    Praying for you all!!!

  4. sorry i missed your phone call :-( I didn't recognize the number, I saved it as a contact so if you call again I will know it's you!
    love you and praying for all of you. your sis