Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last Sunday in the States

 Life is full of 'lasts'. Last day of school. Last day at work. Last cookie in the cookie jar. Last time you see a loved one before they move or pass on. Today is a significant 'last' for our family. This is the 'last' Sunday we will be in the States for a span of time. As we sat in the service this morning, we were aware that next Sunday we will be worshipping in a completely different culture that will soon become 'normal' for us. We will understand about 25% of the service as it will all be in creole until we learn more of the language. We will hear very little English, if any. We will be with people we do not know very well, but will learn to know. We are all feeling a range of emotions: Sadness about saying goodbye, anxiety/fear of the un-known, Excitement for what lies ahead and overall a deep, abiding peace. That peace over-rides all the other emotions and it tells us that God is in control. This amazing journey that He has set us on has been His idea from the beginning, He has called us, prepared the way, provided for our needs and given us a ever-growing passion for Haiti! We are going to Haiti with His protection, His strength, His grace and He will NOT fail us! And we know that we are also going with the support of an awesome group of prayer warriors who are not afraid to touch Heaven on our behalf! Thank-you! You may never know, this side of Heaven, how MUCH your prayers mean to us and to every other missionary who is in the midst of deputation or on the field of their calling laboring for the Master. Thank-you for praying for your missionaries!

Please remember us in these SPECIFIC ways:

-Pray that God will make our way thru customs smooth, in-expensive and without incident.

-Pray for the culture shock that will no doubt hit us immediately as we experience the intense heat, warm drinks, no a/c, creepy crawlies and the language barrier. ( We will be without an interpreter for a week)

-Pray for the Touching Lives for Christ ministry work team that will be coming to Grande Riviere the 11th-18th. They will be flying into Port-au-Prince and driving up to our compound. Pray for safety on the long, winding roads. Pray for all of us as we minister to the children through Vacation Bible School and as the team works on various building projects.

-Pray for all of us as we will be driving back to Carrefoure (day long drive) to take the TLC team to the airport. Then our family will move in to the same guest house we stayed in last summer and began language lessons.

We will try our best to keep you all up-dated with pictures and blog posts as we can.

On to the Adventure!

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  1. great write up Liz! you made me cry miss you guys praying for you hope all is well
    love ya sis Rachel