Saturday, October 5, 2013

Praise Report and an Opportunity for YOU to recieve a blessing!

 Wow! We are so thankful to announce that God has answered two prayer requests for us! On our last post we asked you to pray about a team for December to finish out our house. We are happy to let you know that we just heard this morning that A TEAM IS BEING PUT TOGETHER and they are planning on going with Danny in December! Praise the Lord! God is so good!
  Secondly, we have been looking and praying about how we could put ceiling fans up in our house to help with air flow. We have looked here and had not found any available at the few stores that carry home goods. Danny has been checking into the cost of buying them in the States and bringing them in and that appeared to be our only option until yesterday. We stopped by a store that we have checked before and there they were! And they have different styles to choose from and cost around $125 each . Here is where you get the opportunity to receive a huge blessing! We need to put up 6 fans throughout the house and we need 6 people to sponsor a fan. For just $125 you can help buy a fan for our house. These fans will make the extreme heat a lot more bearable and we are so thankful that they carry them here in Haiti now! All you have to do is click the Donate Now button and mark your gift :Fans. Thank-you so much! It is so exciting to watch as God provides for our every need as we serve Him!

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