Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prayer Request

 We are asking you all to help us pray about an important need we have. As most of you know, we are in the process of building our house in Grande Riviere du Nord, Haiti. Our family is planning on coming back to the States in a few weeks to re-new passports and for medical issues with Caleb.( He has an appointment on Nov. 6th at Riley Children's Hospital in Indy. Please pray that we will get some answers about his condition. Thank-you!) Danny is planning a return trip to GR to continue working on our house. Here is our prayer request: We need 4-5 guys who are skilled and have knowledge in electrical wiring, drywall finishing and cabinetry. The trip is planned for Dec. 10th-17th. The cost is $850 per person and includes a round trip flight from Fl.(They would need to get to Fl.), delicious Haitian food and lodging.
  Lord willing, our family plans to return to GR mid January to began our term. It would be a HUGE blessing for our house to be more livable then it is now! At this time, we have up the walls, ceiling, flooring and windows. Would you help us pray and if you meet these terms, will you ask God if His plans are for you to spend a week in Haiti helping the Flowers build their house? We have no doubt that God has wonderful blessings in store for the team that comes! If you cannot come, yet feel lead to give toward this need, you can sponsor someone else who can go but may not have the finances.
  Please contact us via email or Facebook if you are interested in being a blessing. Thank-you for helping us pray about this urgent need! Lets watch together how God supplies! We appreciate you all so much, your prayers and financial support!

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