Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update on Caleb's Appointment and why we are feeling hugged!

  For those of you who are not on Facebook, I will update you on how Caleb's appointment went at Riley Children's Hospital. We thank God for once again going before us and working it all out! We were happy with our neurologist and she relieved a lot of our fears. She answered several questions that we have had as well. Basically, Caleb has been diagnosed with a rare nerve disease called Neurofibromitosis. This a a degenerative disease and as of now, he has a mild form. We will need to have yearly MRI's and eye tests done to check on the disease's progression. We were concerned about the spot on his brain and she said that a lot of kids have spots on their brains that go away as they get older. It  is just part of the brain's maturation process. We are going to have another MRI done in the States before we go back just to make sure everything is ok. She does not anticipate any problems at this time and we continue to trust that God is in control whatever the outcome. We had anticipated a large down payment on our bill but they did not require anything that day ( The bill will be in the mail soon, no doubt!) The whole day ended up just costing us a $2 parking fee :o) We left there feeling relieved and thankful! All the praise and glory to Him! We are praying that his MRI can be scheduled now while we are here and will not delay our return to Haiti, Lord willing.
   Now, the reason why we are feeling hugged is because of the sweet kindess and generosity of our friends. One sweet couple who are expecting their first baby allowed us to stay in their guest house when we stayed in Indy so we did not have the cost of a motel to worry about while we were there. Thank-you Jesse and Jennifer! Then we drove to our long-time, good friends Tom & Gale Wheatcraft in McArthur, OH to stay the weekend. We had a wonderful time visiting, riding their 5 horses, baking, eating, goodwilling and relaxing. Tom and Gale are so sweet to let Danny and I sleep in their very comfortable King-sized bed when we visit and we really appreciate all they do in opening their home to us! It truly feels like home there! Thank-you for everything Tom, Gale, Trish and Katy! love you all.  Sunday evening we had the privilege of sharing with the Unionridge church an up-date on how God is working in Haiti. We really enjoyed sharing and it was fun to go over to Pastor Rob & Lydia Raines house afterwards. Great to visit with them :o) Thanks for the refreshments, Raines!                           
     We are currently staying in Warren, OH visiting our good friends at the Warren Bible Methodist Church. We arrived yesterday afternoon and it was so nice to see our friends, Pastor and Sis. Young with Ashley and lauren again! We went out for delicious mexican with the Youngs and then we got to help Sis. Young can some apple pie filling :o) I have grown up doing lots of canning so it was fun to do it again. They have a cozy fellowship hall that they are letting us stay in and the church people have been so kind to make sure the kitchen is stocked with food for us while we are here and there was a pretty 'Welcome fruit basket' to greet us as well ;o) Regina Zeigler does a wonderful job keeping everything clean and looking nice! Her husband is in the hospital and we appreciate her having our beds made and everything else she did to prepare for our stay, even though we told her not to worry about it! Bless you, Regina!  We truly feel like we are stepping into a giant hug when we visit here! We are blessed to have such sweet, generous friends! We are staying the week here and then heading to VA to see some more of our good friends that we have not seen in way too long of a time! Very much looking forward to seeing Mike, Tiff, Brooke, Kori and Bianca Summers! See ya soon guys!
  If you have not guessed, we are having a wonderful vacation! Thank-you for praying for us! Exciting things are on the horizon for God's ministry in Haiti!

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