Sunday, December 15, 2013

Water Pump Down and Christmas Presents All in the Same Day!

 As most of you know, Danny and Frank Vaughn, our Regional Director, have been in Haiti all week with a wonderful Missions Helps team. They have been doing a wonderful job on our house and you can see some of what they have been doing on our FB page: Dannynliz Hirschy Flowers.  I talked with Danny this am and found out that our only water pump at the orphanage has quit working. This means that they have to go out into the street to get water for bathing and cooking. It is not always clean and safe water. This is a SERIOUS need and the ox was definitely in the ditch today so the men dug up the pump and were able to temporarily replace it with an older pump. This is VERY temporary and will not last long. Thankful that for the moment they have clean, safe water!  This pump needs to be replaced ASAP! The orphanage needs $1,500 or more to get a new pump. They are checking into whether it will be better to buy it in Haiti or ship it over, keeping in mind that shipping it over will cost $1.50 per pound as well as customs fees. Please help us pray about this situation for wisdom and for God to supply a new pump however He sees fit. Anyone wanting to help with this need can click on our donate now button and mark your gift : Water pump for Haiti. Or you can send it in to Hope International Missions PO Box 1065 Hobe Sound, FL 33475 
  Thank-you for praying! Thank-you for giving!
Today our children at the compound were given their Christmas gifts. A HUGE thank-you to Mrs. B.'s Missions Practicum class for putting together backpacks, to friends in NC and PA for sending in toys, t-shirts and other fun things, and to everyone who gave toward buying new shoes! There were lots of happy faces today as they opened their treasures! (Wish I had been there!) I enjoyed seeing the sweet pictures my husband posted and I think you will too! These kids do not get regular school supplies like our kids here do and to get their own backpacks filled with school stuff, toys, new shoes and fun snacks made this a very big day for them! Thank-you for blessing our kids this Christmas!

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