Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Surviving the 2014 Blizzard and Surgery Recovery

We have been hoping for a couple good snowfalls since we have been back here in the North. Our family loves snow and missed it when we lived in Florida for two years and we know we will miss it a lot when we are in Haiti. Well, as most of you know, God sent us SNOW! LOTS of it! And is it ever beautiful! Now, we did NOT hope and pray for the frigid temperatures that have came along with it, but I guess you sometimes have to take the good with the bad when it comes to winter in the North! Our area received over a foot of the white stuff and the day it was falling down the temperature was in the 20-30's so we let our kids go out and play for a while and they loved it :o) They have been sad that it has been so cold the past few days and they have been unable to go out in in. We have literally been buried here as it has taken the plows a couple days to dig everybody out. Yesterday was a snow day for a lot of people as most businesses and places of employment were closed and the schools are going on three days of no school. Last night, my brother, sister-in-law and new baby niece came over and we made Pepperoni Rolls and other goodies and played Dominoes. It was fun to have an impromptu party while being snowed in :o) If you remember in my last post, I mentioned that Danny and Ben were going to be driving to Florida today. Well, due to the blizzard and the fact that 29 counties in IN had level 3 snow emergencies out and anyone caught driving would be fined several thousand dollars, they did not go. We are a little disappointed that they could not go since we were hoping that they could finish out our kitchen, yet I am relieved to know they will not be driving on the roads.( We are trusting that God has another plan and that He will reveal and lead in His time.) We have had high winds and a lot of roads keep drifting shut and they are forecasting more snow in the next few days. I think it is safe to say that we have had enough 'winter' to last us for good, long while! (And something tells me that it is not yet over!)

A beautiful winter wonderland!

  We have appreciated everyone's texts, calls, prayers and emails asking how Becca is doing from her surgery. She came thru surgery just fine and when it was over the surgeon came out and told us that her tonsils were quite a bit bigger than he had thought and it was good we had the surgery. We were not prepared for how MUCH pain she would be in afterwards. She said it was the worst pain she had ever had in her life and she could not get enough ice chips and cold liquids. We felt so bad for her and helpless and were so thankful when the pain meds finally took effect. It is 5 days after her surgery and as long as she keeps taking her pain meds and drinking/eating cold stuff she is ok. We have to watch for any bleeding as the scabs can sometimes bleed as much as 10 days after surgery. So 5 more days to go before she is out of the woods. Appreciate your continued prayers!

This was taken before her surgery and she would have not been happy if I had taken an after picture!
At this point, she was happy to be getting them out.

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  1. So sorry your girl had to have surgery. =( That's no fun, But Glad she is healing well.
    All the snow looks so FUN! We were happy with the inches we got here in OH too. =)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my baby post. Yes, we have learned through the years of being missionaries that God's ways are above our ways. When things don't go as we thought or had planned, we try to step back and see what God's BETTER plan will be.
    We're very excited about our baby. Lord willing we leave on Jan. 29th for Argentina and then fly back home in June so we can deliver baby here.

    Blessings and hugs from one Missionary wife/mom to another. =)