Thursday, January 23, 2014

Living Day to Day in Trust as He guides

 Thank-you for everyone's prayers for Rebecca! She is completely recovered and doing wonderful! We are so thankful the surgery is behind us and she is better. We thank God for His healing touch!
   We took Caleb to Riley  to meet with an Endocrinologist. Caleb is on the lowest end of normal for his age and weight. Still weighs 35 lbs, even though his appetite has seemed to pick up a little bit :o) He is just very active and must burn off the calories as soon as he eats them! She had a Bone Age x-ray ran on him and a lot of blood work. She said that an MRI of the pituitary is just a picture and does not really tell her anything. These tests should tell us more and if he needs any treatment then we will go from there. We are a little frustrated that we did not get any real answers but have resigned ourselves to the fact that we have to...WAIT...ugh! ;o) At this point, it is very important to us that we know what Caleb's medical needs are going to be and how they can be treated with us going to Haiti. Thank-you for helping us pray about this. God's timetable is very different from ours and we continue to trust in His perfect plan.
  In other news, we have temporarily re-located. We are very thankful for my parents allowing us to stay in their extra efficiency apartment for the past couple months and we have enjoyed spending time with them. However, due to tight finances, it has become necessary for Danny to find some temporary work. God has provided some handy-man, construction, carpeting jobs for him and housing has also been provided for us closer to where he is working. Our family is enjoying being together in our 'own' place and not living out of a suitcase, as we have for the past two years. We have been blessed with a 3 bedroom with a large area upstairs for school and a play room and we are loving it :o) So, temporarily, we are now Gas City, IN residents and are enjoying being apart of Community Bible Methodist Church. Pastor Jeff Moore leads a friendly, welcoming group of people and we feel right at home. :o)  God is so good to provide this temporary house, job and a fantastic church while we wait for His timing to return to Haiti.( We are still receiving mail at our Craigville address of PO Box 62 Craigville, IN 46731 if anyone needs to send us anything.) In the meantime, we are going to try not to freeze into icicles with these polar temps..brrrr! Haiti is sounding pretty good and WARM right now! ;o)

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  1. Glad the Lord has provided your family with a temporary house and work for Danny while you wait on Caleb's reports and God's timing to return to Haiti. Happy that Rebecca has recovered completely from her surgery. Keep encouraged!