Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taking it one step at a time...

 Many of you have sent us personal facebook messages, emails and phone calls letting us know that you are thinking and praying for us during this time of transition. Thank-you!! Your kind words and support have meant more to us than we can ever let you know! The decision to not go back to Haiti was not made lightly and was an even harder decision to make than it was to go. Please understand that God directed both decisions and we have a sweet peace that we are in His will by NOT going back at this time.

  Does that mean that it has made things any easier? NO! I can not count how many buckets of tears I have, personally, shed over this decision. Some days it really hits me that we are not going to get to live in the house that we have been working on for a long time. The house, that we had envisioned how we would decorate each room, entertain work teams, cook yummy Haitian meals in the kitchen, and live together in as a family. I think of each child at the compound and the relationship that God helped us to form with them. It hurts to realize that we will not be there to encourage and love them as they continue to grow to adulthood. Each one of them are so special! I think of Pastor & Madame Dominique and how much they love God and share what they have with others. Madame and I became fairly close, considering the language and cultural barrier. She was so sweet to find little things for me at the open market when I had mentioned that I was needing a new hat to keep the sun off my head, or some flip flops for the shower. One time I told her I would like a plastic tablecloth and she came back from market with one and a very nice linen one as well. She loved to buy conips (a Spanish lime) for Caleb and would have a big smile on her face as she called to him to come and see what she had for him. She loved Caleb and spoiled him rotten! She even had a little teacup that she used for his drinks at meals. The cup had a fish on it and Caleb loved it and felt very special when she served his tea in it :o) Yes, I miss her sweet, quiet ways and her amazing cooking. The last night we spent at Grande Riviere before flying back to the States last October was a special one and it is even more special as we realize it was our last time with these dear friends. Madame fried plantain chips for us and we got out our collection of flavored teabags and brewed some water. The boys enjoyed tasting the different flavored teas and we sat around eating, drinking and visiting. When we were finished there were some teabags left and I told Madame she could have them to enjoy. Her face lit up and she replied, "Merci, Madame Danny!" 
   It is not an easy thing to think you know how your life is going to go for the next two years and then suddenly to have God reveal to you that the way you thought things were going to go is not part of His plan at all. Even though, we do not understand why He told us to stay in the States, we choose to TRUST that He knows what is best. I am thankful that our Heavenly Father sees the BIG picture of our lives and knows what is best for us. I am thankful that He is able to be trusted and his track record has no failures! We are so thankful for the short time He allowed us to be a small part of the orphanage in GR and we will always cherish our time there. Well, maybe not the part with the huge spiders, mice and crowing roosters! ;o)
 Please keep the orphanage in your prayers and that God would call someone really special to live and serve there. Please keep us in your prayers as we pray and attempt to discover what God has for us. We plan to serve Him in whatever capacity He has for us and we are open to His leading wherever that may be.
 Below are a few of the memories:

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  1. You are right, knowing it's the plan doesn't make it easier sometimes. I'm praying for you.