Friday, April 11, 2014

How God is leading us...

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We want each of you to know how much we have appreciated your prayers and support as our family endeavored to follow God’s calling. It has been a privilege and honor to follow Him as He lead us to Haiti. We thank God for the help He gave in allowing our family to reach out and minister to the Haitians. He put a special place in our hearts for Haiti, and especially Hope International Missions’ orphanage in Grande Riviere.

When we returned to the US last October, we fully anticipated going back to Haiti in January. As most of you know, two of our children had some serious medical issues requiring surgery and testing in the first part of January that kept us here. God helped and healed. As we began to make return plans for March, we felt a check in our spirits, and God clearly asked us to wait. We earnestly sought His will through fasting, counsel, and prayer. To our surprise, God began changing our awareness of His plans for our family. As certain as we were in 2010 that God had called us to Haiti, we now feel with a peaceful certainly that He has released us from that same call. Although our broken hearts have shed many tears, we feel that for our family to return to Haiti would be out of God’s will. Our main goal in this life is to stay in the center of his will as we know that is the best place for any Christian to be.

We have shared this with our director and Hope International Missions. They support us in our decision. We are very appreciative and thankful for their support and prayers. Please keep the future of the orphanage in your prayers that God would call more workers to this harvest field. We appreciate your continued prayers as we go through this transition time. We plan to follow wherever God’s call may lead.

Satisfied Serving Him,

Danny, Liz, Rebecca, Benjamin, Abigail, and Caleb Flowers


  1. Thanks for sharing. I know this hasn't been a quick or easy decision for you. Although we may not always understand the paths on which God leads or His timing, we know it's always RIGHT and BEST, and we are glad that you have found peace in accepting His direction. The Apostle Paul certainly ministered in many different places, sometimes spending a short time in a city. No telling what ministries God has planned for your future. You will continue in our prayers.

  2. You are certainly in our prayers as you follow His leading!

  3. Liz, just saw your blog and got caught up on your family. SO SORRY for all y'all have been through. I'll be praying for you as you start this next phase of life...walking by Faith and not by sight! I'm confident that God will be right there for/with y'all!! =)