Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Test results: Normal! On to Haiti!

 Yes, you read the title correctly, Caleb's test results from Riley have all came back 'normal'. The endocrinologist feels that there is no need to be worried at this point in time. He has been released to go back to Haiti :o) We will plan on yearly MRI's and eye exams to monitor his NF1. We want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers! It has been a scary, deep valley that we have went thru since Caleb's accident, yet, we can look back and see how God has orchestrated events and circumstances for our good and His glory! Our hearts are full of praise to Him and we  stand amazed at His watch care and protection!
  We are still staying here in Gas City, counting the many blessings that God has given us, from a fantastic church family at Community Bible Methodist that have encouraged, prayed for and supported us to making and re-newing special friendships. We have truly cherished this time and now we are beginning to get back into 'Haiti Preparation' mode. We are praying and are asking you to help us pray that God will give us clear direction on a return date to Haiti. In the next few months, two major holidays for Haiti are celebrated. During these holidays, voodoo parades and Raa-raa bands are prevalent. Moving to Haiti during this time could cause a lot of problems, especially if the streets are blocked. Another issue to take into consideration is our un-finished house. We are praying about taking another team in to finish it up before we move in. If you know of someone or feel it on your heart to be part of that team in the next few months then send us an email.  flowersinhaiti@gmail.com

  God continues to re-new the excitement, passion and call on our hearts to get back to Haiti and we are ready and willing to go as soon as He opens the doors. Thank-you for helping us pray!

 Below are a few pics of our last few weeks here. Our girls had a sweet Tea Party with their new friends, we celebrated Danny's 40th birthday with a Surprise party for him and we hosted a fun sleepover all in the middle of getting LOTS more snow! And we have all been enjoying getting to know our new neice/cousin, Miss Arya. She is such a sweetie and we had fun taking pics of her and her cousins when her and her mom came to visit ;o)  Enjoy the pics!


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