Monday, February 24, 2014

Up-date! ;o)

 Dear Friends and Supporters,

 Hello! We are sending out this up-date to thank all of you for your faithful, monthly support for our family and to give you an up-date. We thank God for helping us thru language school last summer in Carrefour, Haiti. God was faithful to help us with beginning to understand and learn Creole. As most of you know, our youngest son, Caleb suffered a terrible fall and concussion while we were there. This resulted in troubling MRI results that led us back to the States to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, IN. When we returned to the States last October, we had no idea the long, scary journey that was before us. Along that journey we found out that Caleb, has a degenerative nerve disease called Neurofibromatosis (NF1). We went thru a series of tests to see how the disease is progressing and as we waited for the test results, we have asked you to help us pray for God’s touch and perfect will. God has answered and at this time Caleb has a very mild form and is doing well. His doctor’s have cleared him to return to Haiti as long as we keep the disease monitored with yearly check-ups. Praise the Lord!

  God has also helped us to get our children’s passports renewed and we still feel the need and call to serve in Grande Riviere du Nord, Haiti. We are preparing to return in April, Lord willing. God has put it on a generous donor’s heart to give the finances for our airfare and we praise the Lord that part is covered! However, we have noticed a serious drop in our monthly support the last few months. We need this to come back up in order for our family to be able to live in Haiti. (Budget: $2,500 a month) We also need the finances to pay for shipping over the other half of our things. Missionary Flights charges about $1.60 a lb for everything shipped and we have about 1600 lbs that we need to ship over. ($2,500)  We are also trusting God to supply traveling expenses from IN to FL.  Thank-you for helping us pray about these important needs!

 We really appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to follow in His footsteps. God is so good and faithful and it is a joy to serve Him and go where he leads!


Satisfied Serving Him!

Your Haiti missionaries with Hope International Missions

Danny, Liz, Rebecca, Benjamin, Abigail and Caleb Flowers

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