Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am so thankful that when God calls us to go a certain path that He is faithful to confirm it to our hearts!  When we moved here in the summer of 2010 it was a complete step of faith for our family. We had numerous yard sales to get rid of most of our larger items and gave away what we could not sell. We then packed everything we owned into a 15 passenger van and an enclosed trailer. We literally came with one soft chair, a set of bunk beds, two end tables, my curio cabinet and my cedar chest. Almost everything else was small enough to fit in boxes, which we had around 30. God was faithful to provide all our appliances, furniture and everything else we needed. He also provided jobs that I talked about in the previous post.
  Unfortunately, when we moved here, we brought a good-sized amount of business debt from the lawncare and landscaping business we ran in Indiana. We paid off small amounts as we could but really was not seeing it disappear as quickly as we had hoped. Anyone that lives or has lived in South Florida knows that the cost of living is pretty high. We had many times when we did not know how we were going to buy groceries/gas and other needs and EVERYTIME God was faithful to provide and meet that need! We have no complaints or sad stories, God has really helped us to learn what it means to totally depend on Him!
   Last November we went through HIM New Missionary Orientation and went before the board to discuss our recent application. We have always had two goals to reach before going to the mission field. One is for Danny to graduate with an AA in Missions and the second is for us to be debt free. We let the board know these goals and told them that we had $20,000 in debt that we planed to pay off in the next 2 yrs. They understood, yet wanted us to be debt-free before they accepted us. We completely understood and to be honest were a little discouraged wondering how in the world we were going to be able to pay off our debt. Our Caribbean Director, Frank Vaughn, and Danny and I began to pray and ask God to send us more jobs. At that time our income was pretty low and the mountain looked HUGE!  Then God began to work!
   To make a long story short, we had 2 anonymous donations from Christian people who told Bro. Vaughn that God had told them to help us. We were given a total of $8,000! And then God helped us to take a good amount of our tax return and apply another $5,000! Yes, that totals around $13,000.  Before calling our creditors to pay these bills, we prayed for God to soften their hearts and most of them settled for half or even less than the original amount owed! So dear friends, as I type this, we can now say that by the grace and help of our Lord Jesus Christ that we are DEBT FREE!!!!!
  As they say in creole..Bondye se bon! (God is good!)
And that is just one of the ways that God has CONFIRMED that this is His will for our lives and we joyfully answer His call!

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