Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dealing with our first broken bone

 We should probably feel blessed that for the first time in almost 13 yrs with 4 children that we are just now experiencing a child with a broken bone. Amazing, considering that our kids are very active and can be quite the daredevils at times! Rebeca, our oldest, was riding her scooter home from band and took a spill. She tried to catch herself with her left hand and according to the ER reports she bent and cracked her left wrist bone. You can see in the above picture how her wrist is bent. This happened thur. evening and they put a temporary cast on at the ER. We filled prescriptions for IBP and Tylenol 3 with codeine. I tried to make a friday appt. for her at the Orthopedic Surgeon but they don't have friday hours around here. So, she is going in first thing monday. She has been in considerable pain. Becca tried to go to school twice friday and ended up coming home in too much pain. We are trying to keep her as comfortable as possible and are curious if the Orthopedics report will match the ER's? Will up-date soon..thanks for your prayers!

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