Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Junior High Banquet, A Birthday Party and a Graduation!

 These past few days have been chock full for our family! The fun began with Danny's parents coming in for a 3 day visit. We really enjoyed having them here and were glad that they were able to come. Thursday morning, Becca had her 7th/8th Grade Banquet. The theme was a Presidential Gala and Becca went as the Prime Minister of Paris, France.  She looked so grown up and us adults were a little emotional as we took pictures of her. Seems only yesterday she was a little toddler in pigtails!


 Posing pretty with G-pa & G-ma Dunn

 Kori and Rebecca are great friends. Kori went as the 
Princess of Iceland.

Becca wore the boots that I wore at our wedding..very special!
Loved that she wanted to wear them!

 Rebecca Grace before her Banquet.
    Thursday, the 24th, was also Abigail's 8th birthday. We had a combined party with one of her good friends, Katy Barr. Katy turns 8 on June 9th but we will be in Haiti and she wanted Abby to come to her party so we just had their parties together. There is a really nice park close by that we had their party at and the weather was perfect. We decorated with a Hawiaan theme, and lots of color. We had around 30-40 people attend. Hotdogs, cheese puffs, Doritos and potato salad were served. The kids enjoyed playing with our Candy Claw Machine to win treats, having their face painted, a water balloon toss and decorating their own cupcakes! Of course, Abby and Katy opened their presents and recieved lots of art and travel stuff :o) It was a fun time and we were glad that G-pa & G-ma Dunn were here to celebrate with us :o)

Our Hawaiin themed birthday party

  The cute birthday girls with their leis and matching outfits.

 Mrs. Brown is was the girl's 1st grade teacher.
They love her and she loves them!

 Happy party guests taking turns with the Candy Claw Machine.

 Abby posing with just one of the MANY gifts she recieved!

  Friday was a very busy day. I have a cleaning job with a sweet older couple and it was my last day to clean for them. It was also the kids last day of school and they had a half day. So, after I got home, we had some shopping to do to get stuff for Danny's graduation table. Then we went out with G-pa & G-ma for supper. Rushed back here and got ready for the Graduation. It was a wonderful night celebrating a huge accomplishment! We give God all the honor and glory for His help! Graduation has seemed to be soo far off and now it has come and gone. We know that we are ready to move on to the next phase that God is leading us into. It is exciting, scary and over-whelming at times yet he gives us a calming peace that assures us of His leading and will. Onward to Haiti!

 Walking down the aisle to recieve his long-awaited diploma!

Danny Flowers...2012 College Graduate! So proud of him!

Family picture time!

 Danny's Graduation table. My mother-in-law,
Becca and I enjoyed decorating it for him :o)

So proud of my man! <3 <3 <3 Love him!

Danny standing behind his table.
He greeted guests for a few hours.

 Mrs. B. has been his biggest cheerleader! We love her!

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