Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Happenings

  May is speeding by so fast and the end of May is jam packed for us! Last night Rebecca had her Band Concert performance. Becca plays the Clarinet and really enjoys playing in band. Today she went with her band class to Bush Gardens for an all day band trip. We are waiting for her to get home and I am sure she will have all kinds of fun stories to share about what she did and saw :o) Glad she was able to have this opportunity!
  Next week Danny will be taking his finals for the LAST time!! Praise the Lord! Keep him in your prayers! His graduation is May 25th. Rebecca has her 7th-8th grade Banquet on the 24th. They are dressing formal and she is very excited. May 24th is also Abigail's 8th birthday! So, we are going to try and have a little birthday party for her that night. We are also looking forward to Danny's stepdad and mother coming to visit for a few days during graduation. I will be taking lots of pictures and will be posting them soon :o)

      This is Caleb's new funny face that he came up with all by himself. His brother and sisters think it is hilarious and ask him to show it to them all the time!  Never a dull moment around here! ;o)

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